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UBandTV soft launches CLOSE UP!


UBand TV finally made an unofficial ‘soft launch’ on 16th & 17th January.  The long-awaited launch of UBand TV is another string to the bow of the UBand Empire, and we thought that there’d be no better way of launching our online TV Channel than letting our followers be the first to view our flagship show ‘Close Up’.  Close Up is UBand’s original take on getting to know your favourite singing personalities.  What do you get when you strip away the glitz, glam, outfits, entourage, and cabaret that surrounds musicians?  We think, this unique show is the closest thing you can get to having a one-to-one conversation with artists! No noise, just you, the artist and their voice.

Please subscribe and let us know what you think of our new show format, we think it will be a revelation to Online Music Television.

UBand TV will officially launch in March, with our Online Channel Website! So keep posted.

Check out ‘Close Up’ at our Youtube Channel and whilst you’re there, don’t be afraid to click on the subscribe button!

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