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On the White Powder Trail (PRESS VIDEO)

On the White Powder Trail by UBandTV

Taken to a warehouse to meet with White Powder Gold, we weren’t sure what to expect. Unattached to a specific genre, we were excited to have a chance to meet with the unpredicted. Bursting through their studio it soon became clear that they were ordinary people with extraordinary, unexpected, fiery talent hidden beneath. With beer bottles, Mcdonald’s food cartons and a body moulded sofa, it was apparent they lived, breathed, ate and loved their music. We wanted this immediate feeling and buzz to translate in the Uband video documentary of this refreshing band.

Given an all access pass, we jumped on the rare opportunity to explore White Powder Gold’s philosophy into greater depth and give fans a chance to join us in our intimate video footage. In their recording studio, the band relaxed in our company and instantly we divulged into the meaning of their name. Intelligent and catchy, their encoding of its meaning into their unique style and attitude playfully presented that there was more to them than meets the eye. Their unconventional approach to music allowed us at Uband to creatively permeate their unpredictable style into our video editing. White Powder Gold’s refusal to conform to society expectations gives them the advantage to produce good vibe tracks whilst presenting insightful, socially-conscious lyrics to the mass.

Their hybrid of electro, rock, indie, hip-hop and more, ultimately infuses this 5-member band’s individual musical passion to create an explosive vibrant record. Invited to attend their gig allowed Uband to not only record their music live but also to be a part of the audience experience; inevitably we absorbed their sound and was inspired to give justice to this overlooked band.  Exploring their ethos in two different environments, it became apparent that these down to earth collection were drawn together by a mutual desire to produce passionate music; break down the definition of genre whilst playfully having fun with their experimentation.

Given this opportunity to spend an intensive, intimate day with White Powder Gold meant we were instantly hooked; they were not a band chasing after the fame but rather the passion which our video explored to present to you.  By the end of the night we had already made up our mind; White Powder Gold are people to watch out for and we expect bigger things to come.

By Joanna Fasanya

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