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Artist Marketing & PR

  • Development UBand work with the music industry to offer the very best in Artist Development and Media services to Musicians at all levels. Our services range from Consultancy, Branding, Video Production,... Read More
  • Events UBand host some of the UK's largest showcase events to provide a targeted platform for musicians to find expression, fans, dedicated followers and exposure in a competitive industry.... Read More
  • MEDIA From UBandTV to our production and management services, UBand is all about being at the cutting edge of Media. We see music as a Social Entertainment platform, not something to... Read More
  • MUVU Muvu is our fresh new online music magazine! We bloggerise and review the most exciting videos, ensuring that you only have to go one place to keep on top of... Read More

What’s my mother**** name?

Ok, then.  Let’s roleplay.  I’m a music lover who has just heard an insanely addictive track from a band called ‘Skyscraper’.  It doesn’t matter where...

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