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Time-consuming but GUARANTEED music promotion tips!

Time-consuming but GUARANTEED music promotion tips!
The beautiful thing about the digital evolution of music is that it makes sharing so easy.  Rewind back just 15 years ago and having a demo CD (as opposed to a tape) was a novelty.  Back 20 years, and your demo tape was probably a muffled unbalanced mess that sounded like it was recorded through a sock.  Back in those days, people were forced to build up a local buzz, for the simple fact that the only way people could hear your music was receiving a hard copy, quite literally a CD or a tape placed directly in their hand.  Or, if you were really fancy, you’d take a visit to the Post Office and mail them to respective listeners (or binners, lets be honest now).

However, with the huge advances in digital communication, our beloved Internet now gives musicians the ability to share their music with music lovers without limitations.  Whether your music is an eclectic mix of Snowbells and Yodelling designed to appeal mainly to a Belarusian audience, or clever wordplay and kick drums more suited for London’s youth, there is NOTHING stopping you from tapping into that audience.  Ah, well actually there is ONE little thing… time.

It’s very easy not to factor in the time it takes to generate a buzz around a piece of material.  But it’s really not that difficult, you just have to have the dedication to set aside a couple of hours a day to being your OWN street team.  I suggest you call this ‘buzz’ time and do NOTHING else, as it takes dedication to get this going. Here are some practical steps to some time-consuming, but VERY worthwhile buzz building techniques.


Take the time to @ mention individually each of your fans with your new track with a personal plea to share it with there friends.  They will appreciate the personal holler so much, that they’ll probably do A LOT more than just retweet it.  Then, retweet their efforts, as this will make them even more appreciative and loyal. Now it’s important not to do this all in one shot, so hit up about 10-30 a day, but do it systematically, and try to get through all of your fans.


Send a personal message to your friend/family list on facebook with your new material attached.  People still read their personal messages, so it’s still a great marketing tool.  Ask for them to post it to their profile/timeline to support you, they’ll do it if they’re a true friend! (If they do, GREAT, it will come up favourably in the news feed due to the number of shares! You should get a load of new hits…).  Don’t stop until you hit EVERYONE in your friend list.
TOP-UP tip: You can do the same in Twitter, but have less words, so use a bit ly, or another URL shortening service and a snappy but polite message… don’t forget your P’s and Q’s!

Social Ettiquette:

Go through your social network pages replying each and every message of support sent by fans, friends and followers with a thank you and link to new material to keep them appreciative and active.  Don’t just leave fan compliments to catch fly’s especially when you have the time to reply, it’s not diva-ish, it’s just rude!  In the same, don’t feel embarrassed to attach another piece of material that you need more hits on, or are just launching… means to an end!!


Find people who make similar music to your own, that way the fan base will be a simple transfer.  Leave a compliment and clear description of a track (not a request to visit your channel) so that they can search you easily on Youtube Search.   Ie. ‘this is a great track, just like *your artist name and track*, because it’s sung so beautifully’.  This will catch the curiosity of people who like this style of music and they’ll search for your track, just because.  Obviously, try to avoid songs that are very different, as you may get a lot of dislikes…  If done correctly you should get hits, likes and comments.

As you can see, nothing here that’s really rocket science.  You can probably cook up some pretty solid ideas all by yourself, but regardless of which route you choose, it’s going to take time… ACTIVE time, so get working… your career is waiting for… YOU! There’s a whole Internet of people waiting to hear your music.


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