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6 superb showcase opportunity ideas for unsigned artists!

6 superb showcase ideas for unsigned artists!

In the UBand advice guide, we’ll be providing you with information to help you grow in the music industry. Our no nonsense advice guide is designed to get you active as a musician and get you tapping into the opportunities for exposure that exist all around you.
This week we’ll be looking at ways that you can get some yourself gigging as an artist. If you think creatively, I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with some of your own, but here are some that the team here at UBand were able to dream for you.

1. Contact your old schools/colleges

OK, so you might not be equipped with the team or the A&R team to be able to organise a schools tour, but most schools in the UK feel an obligation to keep an open door for their alumni. Try contacting your old school, or college to organise a gig. Now obviously, they won’t trip over themselves for you to come in and perform about ‘banging chicks’ or ‘beating shots’, so be intelligent about what you are coming to promote. If you are able to extend yourself to offer a positive message, most schools will be glad for the change in routine! Give it a try. (We call this the N-Dubz technique… and look how it paid off for them!)


2. Students Unions, groups and societies

Much in the same vein as the previous tip, but much less restricted! Universities across the UK have dedicated Unions and groups that have been set up for social purposes. Tap into the groups that are most relevant to yourself and offer your performance services. These groups will often run events over the course of the year to raise their profile and sometimes can attract some pretty established artists. Get in their early and get yourself on their performance roster, then reap the rewards of a growing fan base!


3. Get involved in business launches

This one isn’t so conventional, but nonetheless worthwhile! Do you know anyone that knows anyone that knows anyone that’s launching a business, or product, or magazine… (whatever?!). It doesn’t have to be music related! If you can convince them it’s a good idea to have a launch event, offer to perform. It doesn’t have to be a mic’d event. It could be a little acoustic set in a living room, but hey, it’s still potential fans and followers, and most importantly, public performances under your belt.


4. Volunteer your services to the local Youth Center

Youth Center’s (at least the one’s that the governments haven’t shut down) are always looking for people that are active in the community to organise events that will enthuse the local youth. Try and pitch the idea of open mic event of some sort, or even your own concert. Offer to host, organise and be the PR, in turn, they might provide funding and a venue, and bob’s your uncle, you’ve got your own concert! Obviously, don’t run away with yourself, get the local community involved or you may find yourself performing to four blank walls!


5. Christmas parties and other annual events

Ok, so they happen every year, and they’re never any good. So why not approach boss, or your friends boss and offer to add a little something different to this years event. Christmas, Easter, heck, even Ramadan and Barmitzfah’s… Just put yourself forward as a performer, it’s almost a dead cert that people will be open for live entertainment in most public holiday parties. Also, it’s important to note that personal friends and acquaintances will always make the most loyal fans, so swallow your pride and quit hiding your secret talent, get up on that drunken stage and sing your heart out. If worse comes to worse, most people will be too drunk to remember your performance anyway!


6. Offer your local Public House a free gig!

No one likes the word ‘free’ more than a pub landlord. And don’t go thinking that a pub is not your scene, you’d be surprised to see how flexible people are, especially if they can see an opportunity to win new custom. If the pub has performance policies, modify your gig to fit, but don’t take no for an answer. Chances are, if you can make your performance fit, you’ll get a recall from Mrs Mitchell booking you in on a more permanent basis. Go on, if you don’t ask, you wont get!


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