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UBand is a service unlike any other!  We’re excited about it because… well it’s exciting.  We’re proud to say that we’re London’s only Music Media Specialist.  With the development of the digital media industry and the social revolution of the music industry, you can’t just sit on your demo tape and hope for the best… you have to develop your own buzz, your own brand, become a star in your own right to gain the respect of the industry.  UBand’s Total Viral Solutions™ is all about just that!  We work directly with self-managed artists, management, record labels and more to create just the right solution to GROW an artists buzz.  God knows, if you have the talent, most of the time you’re just a single promotion away from going viral.  Our Total Viral Solutions™ is a unique range of services targeted towards developing aspiring stars by giving them access to high quality Visual, Audio and Media production services that allow them to create a buzz to match their quality, or the quality to match their buzz.

the difference is

  1. The Team“As UBand’s founder and Head of Creative I have over 10 years experience in the creative media industry, working for BBC Worldwide, before leaving to co-found Max Bannerman Film Production Services. I take a personal approach to managing projects and ensuring that every end-product meets the strict quality requirements of broadcast and publishing.  All of our staff and crew are specialists in their field, and that specialism is what makes UBand’s service unique.”
    Andrew Tayo (Creative Director, UBand) 

    With professionals placed in the creative, digital and media industries, we’re able to offer industry standard products at consumer prices.

  2. Total Viral SolutionsSo just what is Total Viral Solution’s™.  Well it’s simple really, rather than going to a ‘general website developer’ for your website, then a ‘general branding agency’ for your logo and image consultancy…etc. etc.  Why not go to a team that specialises in providing Total Digital Solutions, SPECIFICALLY for musicians.  We provide a full canopy of products needed by musicians, that we have brought together through years of experience in the creative and media production industry.

The focus is simple: We build you an image, that will help you to build a fanbase.